Ñaupa iglesia: Hidden inca ruins near Pachar and Ollantaytambo

Néstor PS

Near Pachar town (10 min. from Ollantaytambo) there are the Ñaupa Iglesia inca ruins, an enigmatic site not very frequented by tourists. The most amazing about Ñaupa Iglesia is the location: a small cave with a perfect door carved directly in the rock and an altar carved with geometric designs. To get there follow the train tracks from Pachar town through the canyon Huarocondo. It’s 30-40 min walk until you arrive to the terraces on the right side, then all the way up. Just a curiosity, in front of Pachar, facing north, there is the so called skylogde adventures suites. Three hanging crystal bedrooms 400m above the ground. More info here: http://www.naturavive.com/index.php/en/skylodge-adventure-suites-en
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